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The demand for online retail sales will drive the global transportation and logisitcs market to reach $12 Trillion by 2022.
ipartner logistics

We provide flexible & scalable services from fulfillment to delivery, customized shipping solutions that works for your business and your clients.

With our national network of distribution centers across Canada and USA, we’re never far from your product’s destination. Our warehouse management system allows you to monitor your shipment and inventory from receipt to delivery with +99% accuracy and real-time visibility.

iPartner Logistics empowers you to run your business with fulfillment centers near your customers and the tools to maintain control over inventory, orders, and shipments. Our clients rely on our services because of our dedication to deliver your goods on time as promised

ipartner logistics
iPartner Logistics

We offer dedicated 3PL solutions that are tailored to fit each individual clients needs.

ipartner logistics
iPartner Logistics

Our Flexible & Scalable Services


We take pride in our services that we provide to our clients. Our logistics services are customizable for every client's needs from logistics consulting, brokerage, project management to safety and compliance services.

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ipartner logistics

3PL Dedicated

iPartner Logistics provides a wide range of 3PL services to our customers. We have a range of warehousing facilities and distribution suppliers so we can design bespoke storage and transportation solutions tailored to customers’ needs.

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ipartner logistics

& Distribution

Whether you are looking to move a small parcel using our fulfillment vans services or move your entire warehouse of inventory with our tractor trailers across the country, we have the right vehicle size for all your needs.

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ipartner logistics
ipartner logistics
iPartner Logistics Reefer Services.

We understand the importance of your business, delivering your produce goods on time is vital for the products and your clients.

iPartner Logistics

Why Choose Our Dedicated Logistics Services For Your Business.

Transportation Network

We work with reliable and trusted transportation partners across Canada and the US to ensure that our customer’s goods are in the right place at the right time. Our vital transportation services are tailored to fit each individual business.

Live Tracking

We use state-of-the-art live tracking services to pinpoint the location of your products. Whether it is still in the warehouse or delivered to the customer as promised, we get all the information on-demand when our clients need it.

Speciality Solutions

We work with reliable warehouse partners for any logistics speciality needs. Whether you want to re-organize your shipment into different routes or need help moving into another truck that broke down, we are there to help.

Freight Brokerage

Having your shipment shipped is easy, having the right people moving it is not. We can seamlessly integrate transportation with a full range of storage, fulfilment, and third-party logistics.

Secure Shipping

Our secure shipment services are designed to facilitate the safe movement of products between shipment origin and it's final destination. Our drivers will ensure that your products are not tampered with.

Trusted Partners

When it comes to reliability we take pride hiring only experienced and qualified transportation experts who understand our industry. Experienced transportation drivers are what drive our business to be successful.

ipartner logistics
iPartner Logistics

We can seamlessly integrate transportation with a full range of storage, fulfilment and third-party logistics.

iPartner Logistics

Our Logistics Services

Delivering Reliability Is Key

iPartner Logistics services provides expert and reliable transportation services throughout Canada & the USA. We meet our customers' needs via our fleet of local delivery trucks and network of trusted service partners. The trusted partners who we have selected to work with iPartner Logistics must meet our stringent requirements, such as having excellent safety and compliances record, meet environmental protocols and on-time delivery performance record.

Our professional approach to our clients' needs and our trucking expertise ensures that every move of shipment, regardless of size, is handled with precision care and urgency to recognize that transportation is a significant link in our customers supply chain.

ipartner logistics

The Trucking Industry


Number of tractor-trailer drivers across Canada. There will be a shortage of drivers since the baby-boom of the new generation are not willing to drive.


Number of shipments made annually by Canadian trucking industry. The demand for shipment is driven by greater e-Commerce sales across the country.

ipartner logistics
iPartner Logistics

Our 3PL Services

Your Shipment Is Our Priority

iPartner Logistics services is to provide dedicated and reliable logistics solutions at a competitive price. We supply high level of flexibility, customer service and efficiency to meet the demands of our clients. We provide a dedicated fleet of vehicles for its growing portfolio of customers and is firmly established as a provider of excellence.

Whether you have 10 pallets or 10,000 pallets - iPartner Logistics provides an integrated and valuable supply chain logistics solution for your requirement. Our teams pride themselves on getting to know you and your business, and the way you like things done.

ipartner logistics

3PL - Third-party logistics

Our 3PL service is unique. We don't just outsource your services, we manage it with care and dedication. We are a market leader in eCommerce order fulfilment with fully integrated warehousing partners, pick and pack and distribution capability using reliable and trusted third party partners across Canada and the USA.

  • Order Fulfilment
  • Pick & Pack
  • Warehousing
  • Distribution Manage
  • Customs clearance services
  • Order / Product Management
  • Direct mail fulfilment services
  • Waste / Return Management
ipartner logistics
iPartner Logistics

The demand for trucking in Canada is vital.

22 Million

The number of transport trucks moving goods across Canada and the USA.

52% Sales

The demand of e-Commerce is growing. Almost all retail sales are online.

$1 Trillion

3PL Valued. Third party logistics is what drives today's e-Commerce delivery services.


2019 US e-Commerce market was $600 Billion, expected to grow each year by 15%.

ipartner logistics
iPartner Logistics

We invest our services with trusted partners to help our 3PL clients needs.

ipartner logistics
iPartner Logistics

Our Logistics Consulting Services

ipartner logistics


We help organizations optimize their end-to-end supply chain and seamlessly integrate third party logistics with a full range of storage, fulfilment and third-party logistics.

  • 3PL System Design
  • Supply Chain System
  • Software Integration
ipartner logistics


Our consultants will help your business find the most Cost effective mode of transportation while improving the current service level and modeling all associated costs.

  • Optimization Delivery Service
  • Improved Route Recognition
  • Maximize Fleet Utilization
ipartner logistics

Safety & Compliance

Safety is the first priority to mitigate and to sustain the growth of any business. We offer upto date safety and compliance services to help your business operate without any interruptions.

  • Permits and Bond
  • US & Canada Permits
  • Safety Training

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